MEILLAND ROSES: the exclusive 2015 newness of our Garden Center. Meilland rose is a very top level kind of rose that blossom from spring to the first winter time. The Garden Center Zizzi is very proud to have exclusively received from the French mother company the roses’ scions directly planted in our center that are going to be fully blossomed this next springtime.  At moment, this unique and patented roses are our “flagship” and we can offer more than 1500 samples.  


  • Big Flowers Roses, noble and differently known as “Ibridi di Tea”.  Any branch has its great and perfect rose. It copiously blossoms till the first winter time. They are suitable to be planted as mono-color bush on a green carpet lawn, or as colored bush on a beautiful background of shrubs and trees planted at 40/50cm of distance one from each other.  
  • Roses at grouped flowers, commonly known as “Polyantha" or "Floribunda", produce till 3-6 branches close to the ground at grouped roses each. They are suitable to be used as bushes or borders and, as all the Meilland roses, they blossom till the first winter-time. 
  • Scenic roses planted as bushes can be used as border’s covers, or as isolated or grouped bushes combined with shrubs or other kind of plants. They blossom till the winter time’s beginning and they are too strong in terms of any parasitic attack. It is suggested to plant 4 roses per / m².
  • Climbing Roses, can assure blossoms along all their length. Robust roses with cluster blossoms they are suitable to cover walls, frameworks, bowers or fences.  As all the Meilland roses they blossom from May to the first winter time.

 Weeping roses - 2015 Exclusive newness 

  • They are scenic roses grafted on trunks. They copiously blossom and they are suitable to adorn lawns or paths. Two size 140 and 170 cm are available.


The red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) is a weevil beetle, native to Asia, deadly parasite of many species of palm trees. It feeds the tissues of the stem, up to affect the apical bud, resulting in the death of the plant. It is important to consider that the palms are monocots tree, that grow through a single bud from which originate all the leaves.

Chemical treatments curative late, as well as being unnecessary to solve the attack in the infested plant, are also of limited effectiveness: this is due to the delay with which the palm manifests the attack in progress, which corresponds to the phase in which it highlights the detachment or the fall of a few leaves but which corresponds to a level of attack equal to 60/70% of the total tissue attackable.

Our company offers services and products scientifically adequate to combat the red weevil. It is organic with a very effective law enforcement, absolutely NON-TOXIC TO HUMANS and therefore DO NOT CREATE phytotoxicity problems' FOR PALM

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arieggiamentoUsually at the end of winter, the lawn has a layer composed of felted stems, buds and other plant material, this should be removed because they would with time become so often never to pass water, air and fertilizer into the soil.

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potatura 1-4b4857fda4ada5abd582f6f08a477f76Pruning, especially fruit trees, is one of the practices considered more difficult by amateur gardeners and growers. Some species require some knowledge of botany and physiology to govern the evolution of growth and

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